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Nex | App Design | 2018


Most travelers, whether they are new to it or veterans, spend approximately 20 to 30 hours conducting research before going on vacation. They search for activities, landmarks, restaurants and hotels.


Developing a way for travelers to obtain the information they need will save them time. It will for an incredibly relaxing vacation without the extra effort.

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New Traveler

“I have no idea where to start! What should I do?”

Veteran Traveler

“Where do we go now, we’ve been everywhere right?”

Business Traveler

“I’m always here and need to find something new!”

Feature Prioritization


  • Location
  • Guest User
  • Should

  • Reviews
  • Suggestios
  • Could

  • Weather
  • Sign/Log In
  • Save Spots
  • Won't

  • Chat
  • Schedule
  • Style Guide


    Black #000000

    icon system

    Trade Gothic Next LT Light, Bold & House Slant

    Aa Aa Aa


    The user should be able to obtain search results quickly. The information should be easy to understand and the app simple to navigate. Data and routes must be accessible without an account.

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    How To

    how to use app


    watch and app in use userflow