The Hidrate Spark water bottle is sold in well-known stores but the product lacks popularity because it is not widely advertised. In addition the company could use a redesign of the app to increase its visual appeal for the user.


Increasing visibility on social media by promoting the newly designed app would peak interest and potentially increase sales. The redesigned app should provide a calming feel and be more interactive.

preview of app screens

Senario Map

Purchased bottle and now setting up new account


I need to check my weight I've had a lot of water


Ugh I need to lose this weight really soon


Can I just drink water or do I have to exercise too


Feature Prioritization


  • Friends
  • Locator
  • Should

  • Reminders
  • Add Bottles
  • Could

  • Ranking
  • Lost Sound
  • Won't

  • Expose Info
  • Stop Track
  • Style Guide


    Jacksons #204191

    Calibri Regular & Bold

    Aa Aa


    The user needs to track their water intake from the Hidrate Spark, as well as, other drinkware. The app should allow the user to see whether or not they are meeting goals and what those goals are without having to enter excessive data and/or make calculations.

    dashboard screen friends list logging screen signup

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    instagram twitter snapchat view prototype


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